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Develop, Accredit, Quality Assure Future Ready Qualifications and Assessments.

QAI UK was established in 2011 with the objective of providing high quality and relevant professional and academic qualifications and assessments in the area of English language & Skills and to offer certification to prior learning.

QAI’s Vision is to help turn challenges into opportunities with acquisition and certification of knowledge and skills and its Mission is to provide pathways to future readiness and prosperity in the 4th industrial age through assessments and qualifications, to help individuals be successful and relevant.

QAI focusses on Skills and Knowledge Integrated Measurement and Learning for Learners and Job-seekers and on Teaching Excellence and Relevance Management for Teachers and Trainers.

QAI’s professional qualifications are mapped to the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) which is the national credit transfer system in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

QAI develops international frameworks for measuring achievements by undertaking research through its international experts who also undertake consulting assignments. QAI has developed the GETS Scale of English that is mapped to the CEFR and the CIFR, the framework for measurement and improvement of future ready skills in the 21st century.

QAI works with schools, colleges, universities, industry and government to develop and partner in the development of adaptive and progressive assessments, professional qualifications and research based benchmarking frameworks. We also undertake consultancy assignments for institutions, corporations and education boards and government bodies for market study, research and development of products.


Leadership & Advisory Team

QAI UK works with leaders in the field of education, training and assessment to fulfil its mission and vision.













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